When you need to focus on your core business, outsourcing your accounting services can be a great strategy. Professional Plus’s professionals can supplement and perform your Accounting, Internal Audit and other functions on-site or off-site for just as long as your organization needs our services. As professional, we rendered our services with loyalties, sincerity, experience and quality more than your expectation less than your cost. We keep all our clients data very confidential, your trust and confidence is our aim.

Improve business profitability through partnering with Professional Plus

  • Highly trained, qualified and experienced bookkeepers.
  • Competitive pricing, quick turn-around time and valuable customer services.
  • Quality measures, Great wealth of knowledge, Deep industry expertise.
  • Financial analysis, reporting for day-to-day tasks as and when required.

Main outsourcing & Consultancy Services are as follows:

Internal Audit Services

Professional plus performs reviews of existing internal control systems to identify discrepancies and weaknesses and its risk and finally recommend improvements. Its include review of Bookkeeping, bank reconciliations, general ledger, trial balance, stock review, fixed assets review, IT review, management audit (Administration, Finance/Account, Human resource, Special Project etc)

Account / Finance Services

Professional Plus provides Accounting and Finance outsourcing solution which enables our clients to reduce their cost, without giving up the quality and control. In effect, we function as an internal finance and accounting department in consultation with your CFO or Chief Accountant. Daily updates, Bookkeeping, bank reconciliations, general ledger, trial balance. Periodically accounts preparation, cash flow statements, balance sheet, profit & loss statements and other custom reports. Send customer invoices, enter cash flow information, approval routing, manage
discrepancies, ageing. Data entry of supplier invoices, match invoices and p/o, match invoices, p/o and shipping receipts.

Human Resource / Payroll Services / Staff Recruitment Services

If you are looking for people who can help grow, expand, and improve your company, we can help you with that. We follow a strict and competent recruitment system that ensures that you get only the best people for your team and company.

We bring companies and job seekers closer through our trusted and reliable communication and recruitment system. With our outsourcing services, we can bring success to both employers and employees.

We also offer Payroll Management services which help you focus on your core business activities, reduce business expenses, and stay away from the daily hassle of managing payroll. We have access to and employ an illustrious group of professionals at senior, middle, lower management and executive.

Others includes

  • Executive Search
  • HR policy formulation
  • Job description documents
  • Payroll management
  • Job evaluation assessments and assigning symbolic pay grades
  • Performance management systems
  • Drafting and completion of employee reference manuals
  • Employee satisfaction surveys

Stock Review & Control Services

Professional Plus also provides periodically stock review services and issue reports on the basis of stock review. Discrepnencies are highlighted, control weaknesses are notified, recommendations to improve controls are given to management etc etc.

Offshore Accounting / Remote area book keeping services

Professional Plus provides offshore accountancy services to remote area clients who are either with in Pakistan or in any country. Main task includes Data entry, Account maintenance, report generation according to the client requirement with the help of using accounting software such as quick book and Peachtree

Taxation Services (Sales Tax / Income Tax / Company Registration)

Professional Plus helps private companies, their owners, and individuals to understand, plan and execute effective business and tax strategies — altering course when needed to respond appropriately to potential tax consequences of new legislation and evolving market conditions.

Our experts continuously engage themselves in expansion of knowledge base relating to current Income tax issues faced by the business sector of Pakistan.

We therefore believe that we have developed ourselves in these preceding years as pool real taxation experts that have the knowledge and practical experience to handle every situation that is faced by our most valuable clients.

Professional Plus’s tax consulting services includes:

  • Income Tax
    1. Income Tax/NTN Registration and e-Enrollment.
    2. Preparation and Filing of Annual Return of Income (corporate & individual).
    3. Preparation and presentation of accounting records and financial statements for income tax and sales tax assessments
    4. Filing Monthly/Annually Statements.
    5. Finalization of Audit & Monitoring Proceedings.
    6. Processing of Refunds.
  • Sales Tax
    1. Sales Tax Registration with FBR & SRB.
    2. Preparation and Filling of Sales Tax Return.
    3. Finalization of Audit Proceedings.
    4. Processing of Refunds.
  • Corporate
    1. Company incorporation with SECP.
    2. Preparation and Filling of Statutory Returns.
    3. Copyrights of Patents.

Professional Fees :

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Policy Making Services

In every Organization, proper and effective policy plays an important part for an internal control environment. We designs, develops, documents and implements customized internal control systems and company policies and procedures for further improvement in the changing business environment.

Main Policies includes:

  1. Accounting Policies
  2. Internal Audit Manual and policies
  3. Human Resource Policies
  4. Administration Policies
  5. Fixed Assets Policy
  6. Record Retention Policy
  7. Purchase and Sale policies and procedural manual
  8. Inventory control policy

Fixed Assets Management Services

Professional Plus works with each client to customize the inventory experience and ensure that all appropriate data is recorded and included in the final inventory data reports. Our inventory specialists are thoroughly trained and are well versed in field-experience allowing them to quickly identify equipment and capture all applicable product information pertaining to each asset.

Service Includes:

  1. Fixed Assets identification
  2. Fixed Assets Classification
  3. Fixed Assets tagging
  4. Fixed Assets recording
  5. Fixed Assets depreciation
  6. Fixed Assets policy making
  7. Fixed Assets report generation

Complete Range of Accounting Software / ERP / HR System

In addition to Account outsourcing and consultancy services, we are now also deals in Professional Accounting Software / ERP solutions. These well-known software can be customized according to the client’s requirement. Further, all these are very user friendly and available in Desktop and Web based (Cloud) version.”Software makes your business easier and help you to concentrate on core business rather than Manual book keeping”

Following are module wise but comprehensive software. (Price very according to users / employees)

  1. Inventory Management System
  2. Buyers / Purchases
  3. Customers / Sales
  4. Financials
  5. Business Intelligence tools
  6. Human Resources / Smart Payroll system with devices
  7. Point of Sales
  8. Retail and Wholesale Business System
  9. Complete ERP Solutions


We are eager to discuss your business needs and answer any question you may have.

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