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An innovative and robust software suite designed to revolutionize your workflow. Suitable for businesses of all sizes, created by a company that prioritizes your privacy.

It is an AI based technology company that offers computer software and web based business tools. The product modules include CRM and sales management, marketing analytics and management, customer service management tool, finance, stock, and accounting management, enterprise collaboration, and human resource management, legal, security, and IT management, BI analytics and project management tool, and more.

The features include task track, project management, and tracking, team collaboration, bug tracker, and more. The platform optimizes the application workflows using BI tools that includes reports, dashboards, and insights for decision making. It also provides toolkit to streamline IT and business service operations. Additionally, it provides developer platform including office integration, workflow automation, app deployment, and more.

Over the past 25 years, they’ve brought more than 55 products to the market. But, the R&D edge that drives this innovation isn’t simple luck, it’s the result of careful choice.

With more than 55 deeply integrated apps available on the web and mobile, they offer a solution to fit almost every business need. And if they haven’t built it yet, you can bet them probably will soon.

As a global company, they understand the value of good citizenship. It’s why they always try to give more than they get and why they are always looking for ways to support the communities in which they live.

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