Why Professional Plus?

As a small business owner, your time is better spent focusing on your core business instead of balancing your books. Time spent languishing over your books is time you could have spent with your clients – and it’s also time you can’t bill for. To make the most efficient use of your time, you should be focusing on growing your business and leave your accounting / auditing to an expert.

Ok, so now you’re convinced you should not be doing your own accounting. So why use Professional plus Services instead of hiring an employee? Because if you outsource your accounting / auditing you will save additional money by not paying for:

• Matching Social Security & Medicare taxes
• Worker’s Compensation insurance
• State Unemployment insurance
• Medical insurance, retirement plans and other incentives
• Vacation, sick, & personal leaves
• Training & turnover costs
• Accounting Software
• Additional office space, furniture, and equipment

You would not have to spend your time supervising your accounting staff; instead, you would be hiring a trained professional who can assist you immediately.


We are eager to discuss your business needs and answer any question you may have.

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